Security of Transactions

Ziraat Bank provides a secure environment for the online transactions of its customers, through advanced communication protocols and identification mechanisms, which aim to protect the transfer of their sensitive data over the Internet.

The security in the online transactions of the customers of Ziraat Bank is ensured as follows:

Personal e-Banking codes

Always log in with your personal e-Banking codes (Username and Password), which only you know.

Username and Password

The connection to e-Banking is done by entering the personal Username and Password of the customer. Each combination of Username and password is unique for each user of the e-Banking service.

Mandatory password change every 6 months

For the safety of the users of the e-Banking service, every 6 months your system obliges you to change your Password.

Alternatively, each user has the ability to change his Password as often as he wishes, directly from the e-Banking application by selecting:

Profile> Change login password

Automatic disconnection

In the e-Banking environment there is a timer that informs the users about the remaining time until the automatic disconnection. If the logged in user remains inactive for a period of 10 minutes without taking any action, then the system performs automatic disconnection.

For any additional transaction after this time limit, the user must log in again with his personal e-Banking codes.

Password blocking

To protect e-Banking access, e-Banking user’s passwords are blocked for the following reasons:

• Incorrect typing. If the user's password is entered incorrectly 3 times in a row.

• User password interception.

• The user forgets his password.

Each user can reset his password directly from the bank's web site by selecting:

Internet Banking> Forgot / Disabled / Your User Password Stolen

Alternatively, any user can call for instructions at 21660024848 or go to a bank branch.

Data protection

Secure pages https

All Internet Banking pages of the bank are hosted in a secure electronic environment.

Each user can ensure that you are navigating to a secure page, as the address of each page is converted to https: //. At the same time, the characteristic padlock icon appears at the beginning of the address.


We protect your data with the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol with 256bit encryption.

256bit encryption means that there are 2 ^ 256 possible combinations for encrypting messages from the browser to the Ziraat Bank server, which provides an additional level of security and protection against malicious actions.


We provide access protection to Ziraat Bank systems with Firewall technology. Firewall allows you to use certain services and block others. In addition, it prohibits unidentified users from accessing systems and databases with confidential Ziraat Bank data and information.

Additional safety safeguards

Ziraat Bank offers additional ways to secure the electronic transactions of its customers in the Internet Banking service.

Disposable Code (OTP)

Each user of the Internet Banking service, in order to make any transaction, fills in a Disposable Code as an additional level of Security. He receives the Disposable Code via SMS on the mobile phone that he had declared during his registration in the Internet Banking service.

The One-Time Code has a short validity period of only a few minutes and can be used for a single transaction.

In case the user wishes to make an additional transaction, then he should request a new Disposable Code.